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It was a love of linen and an attention to detail that first fired Bernie de Le Cuona’s desire to create beautiful fabrics.

She crafted her very first design into a cushion which buyers ordered immediately. Now after some twenty years in the business Bernie has a reputation that is second to none for developing exquisite fabric collections harnessing the colour and beauty produced by the best International master weavers. Her immense skill and natural flair for fabrics also demands a refined finish, look and drape which make them truly unique.

Artisan techniques underpin each new fabric introduced into the collection – Bernie has led the way with stone-washed linens, embossed linens and the use of tonal wool yarns to add a special dimension to unique embroideries on superb quality linen base cloths and, of course, her signature wool and cotton paisleys which are recognised worldwide. Her cushion collection enjoys the same reputation.

The company’s growth has moved the hub of the business from an understated carriage house to Mistress Page’s House in Windsor.

Built in the 17th Century and allegedly the home of a mistress to King Charles’ II upon whom Shakespeare based the character of Mistress Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor.
The modern warehousing carrying the complete collection of fabrics and accessories is just a stone’s throw away.

Whilst the Walton Street showroom in London draws many International clients to the collection, flagship showrooms in Moscow and the D&D Building in New York demonstrate the de Le Cuona look to a wider audience. There are now ten third party showrooms across the USA and Canada.

To service the every growing demand for’ de Le Cuona style’  Bernie has added an eclectic mix of rich textured materials that accomplish a look of soft glamour and understated elegance; these are known as the ‘Eclectic Collection’. When schemed with the subtly textured simplicity of the linens or the grandeur of the paisleys, the Eclectics round-off the collection which offers discerning customers all the elements for a beautiful and comfortable home.

The Team

Founder and CEO: Bernie de Le Cuona

Bernie de Le Cuona founded what is now the world’s largest own-brand linen collection in 1992. Today she is the sole designer and creative force of the business and acclaimed for her commitment to producing some of the best and most beautiful textiles. Her name is synonymous with superior linen and layers of luxurious fabrics, including hand woven wool paisley and the more glamorous ecelctic cloths such as silk velvet and couture cashmere.

Managing Director: Emily Williams

Emily works closely with Bernie and is responsible for the strategic growth of the business as well as ensuring the smooth day to day running of the company. She brings many years of experience working closely with influential and high net worth clients globally. She joins de Le Cuona after almost ten years with Warren Buffet’s NetJets, and has a deep understanding of the levels of service and product quality the discerning de Le Cuona design and private client demand.

Board Director: Grant Pearson

Grant has been involved with de Le Cuona from the early days and joined the business formally 7 years ago as a shareholder and board director. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit, having successfully sold two businesses, and a wealth of information technology experience to the business.

To learn more about the brand, please click below to see a short film on Bernie and the company produced for Veranda Magazine’s Art of Design Awards.